Product Description

G-Coolveck is a single-use domestic and air transportation pallet packaging for agriculture and bio cold chain delivery to maintain its objective temperature up to 40 hours.
(Patent Application 10-2017-0057400)

Product Information

  • Disposable Pallet Packaging
  • Easy to pack products and assemble with Velcro
  • Special insulator and micro-capsulized PCM composite fabric applied
  • Enforced insulation and easing thermal shock

Product Specification

  • Size : Custom-made available
  • Objective Temperature : 72hrs / 2~30°C
  • Refrigerant : PCM, Dry Ice
  • Material : PCM sheet, PE foam

G-Coolveck Chilled Temperature Maintaining Time

Test Standard

  • Structure : PCM5°C sheet
  • Refrigerant : PCM 4ea
  • Sensor : 8 sensors

Test Result

It is validated that +5°C was safely maintained for 38 hours for agriculture air transportation

Packaging solution for international air transportation of fresh food at ambient temperature.

Temperature range : +5°C ~ +12°C
Duration : 72 hrs -> customized