Product Description

Global air container that can replace previous expensive air container with the price 30% ~ 70% lower and there are variety of choices and reusable depending on the objective temperature/payload.

Product Specification

  • Consistent temperature management in the storage space via convection phenomenon
  • Water base refrigerant (Option : able to use PCM instead)
  • EPS insulator
  • Standardized Design
  • Qualified for ISTA 7D test

Product Type

  • Standard : 96 hours 2~8°C / 144 hours 2~25°C Winter, Summer Design
  • Plus : 120 hours 2~8°C / 144 hours 2~25°C Winter, Summer Design
  • Elite : 192 hours 2~8°C / 216 hours 15~25°C Winter, Summer Design

IMPERIUM-Pallet Shipper(Summer)

IMPERIUM-Pallet Shipper(Winter)

IMPERIUM™ Pallet Shipper line

Satisfy customer’s many different desires by minimizing risks.

Risk Factors

Appropriate for high value products
Satisfy any strict temperature requirements
Long maintaining period
Highest quality product

Less Risk

Appropriate for inexpensive products
Good product retention
Short maintaining period
Great cost-effectiveness