Product Description

G-Cooltainer (Gresh Cool Container) is a power-free container that has a large payload to deliver large quantity of chilled and frozen products on regular trucks.

Product Information

  • Able to load large quantity of products into one place
  • Easy to load and unload from a trailer or forklift.
  • Transport chilled/frozen products with regular trucks
  • No power needed due to using refrigerants.

Product Specification

  • Size/ Weight : Customizable
  • Temperature : -70°C ~ +50°C
  • Refrigerant : PCM, DRY ICE
  • Materials : AI, XPS

Product Type

Freezer for Vehicles

Deliver fresh goods on regular trucks
Can work as a refrigerated truck

Separable Freezer

Delivery products with different temperatures
Convenient to products in order


Convenient to move at logistics centers and factories

Freezer Replacement

Place at the store or outside
Use for fresh goods storage

Chilled Cooltainer user guide