Gresh Box

Product Introduction

Gresh Box is a self-assembly, foldable, and multi-purpose cooling box made of EPP, which is the same material used for car bumpers and it is super-light, durable, and used thermal engineering design to prevent the cooled air from leaking.

Color : Gray, Dark Blue, Orange (GS Logo)

Product Description

  • Easily foldable design
  • Used for ice cooler in Summer and insulation box in Winter.
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, and nontoxic materials
  • Patent registered (No. 10-1311186)
  • Won “KOREA STAR AWARDS 2014”

Experiment Result

  • Great to use it as an ice box for outdoor activities and fold it to store.
  • Place it in the trunk of a car to put any products or food that need cooling or warming after grocery shopping because it is easy to carry.
  • Suitable to standard-size pallets (1100x1100mm)
  • Fold it after delivery to improves logistics efficiency
  • Able to print customer’s logo upon request.

Product Specification

  • External Size : 550 x 400 x 270(mm) / 550 x 400 x 135(mm) *when folded
  • Internal Size : 490 x 340 x 200(mm)
  • Capacity : 33L
  • Weight : 2.7kg
  • Materials : EPP + PP
  • Density : 75g/㎤
  • Compression strength : Approximately 150N/㎣
  • Folding Rate : Approximately 50%
  • Color : Green / Grey / Blue (Customizable)


Foldable EPP BOX Stability
CYCLE tested compression,
weight, and heat-resistant
Foldable insulation box
(Gresh Box)
Korea star awards 2014