Product Description

GT Bag has the storage and transportation purpose for pharmaceutical products. It is easy to keep constant temperature and check temperature with refrigerants to maintain and control target temperature for target time.

Product Information

  • Storage and transportation EPP box for pharmaceutical products to keep constant temperature.
  • Refrigerant (PCM) insertion type
  • Digital thermometer insertion type (real-time temperature display)
  • Easy to carry with a shoulder strap.

Product Specification

  • Size : 435 x 285 x 370 mm
  • Thickness : 30~50T
  • Weight : 1.14kg
  • Materials : EPP,PP
  • Features : Thermometer insertion type, refrigerant insertion type

GT-Bag chilled temperature maintenance test

Test Standard

  • Test: Temperature and humidity control chamber (temperature laboratory)
  • External Temperature: +35°C / Average +19.4°C
  • Target temperature: below + 10 ℃
  • Refrigerant : PCM 4ea

Test Result

Suitable for maintenance of +10°C or less for more than 6 hours at air temperature +35°C.