Product Description

Gu-Box has the short-distance transportation purpose for pharmaceutical and distribution purposes, manufactured to transport bio pharmaceutical products or fresh products required to maintain target temperature within 36 hours.

Product Information

  • 36 hours-long temperature retention: The combination of excellent temperature retention and refrigerants maintains target temperature range from -60°C to +30°C for 36 hours.
  • Good durability and easy to wash: Made of anti-abrasion aluminum riser and easy to wash; separable liner for easy washing.
  • Validation process: Completed test and validation by our own chamber

Product Specification

  • Size :Customizable
  • Refrigerants : Dry ice, PCM
  • Target Temp : -60°C ~ +30°C
  • Materials : AI/XPS
  • Remarks : Foldable dssign, Digital Logger

Application Cases

Product Types

Name Type Target Temp Target hour Outter Dimension Thickness payload Refrigerant Note Remark
GU 10A Returnable +2℃~+8℃ 36hrs 300x285x250 mm 50T 10L 6EA(1.2kg) Patent
GU 20A Returnable +2℃~+8℃ 36hrs 530x390x400 mm 50T 20L 10EA(1.2kg) Customizable
GU 30A Returnable +2℃~+8℃ 36hrs 590x400x420 mm 30T 30L 6EA(600g)

Product Types