Easy To Utilize Space

Easy to carry and use for picnic, camping, fishing, at the baseball park, and other leisure activities that can fit 16 of 340㎖ cans and 5 of 1.5L bottles.
Practical Cup Holder

Cup holders are on both sides of the cap to use it as a temporary plate.
Convenient To Store and Carry

Compact and light to bring it to camping, picnic, baseball park, and wherever but also use the body part to use it as a mattress.
Easy To Store and Multiple Use.

Easy to store any car items and place it in the trunk or miscellaneous appliances at home, which it can maintain the temperature in some degree.

Assembling Guide



Product Specification

  • Components : Body(1ea), side cap(2ea), silicon band (2ea)
  • Materials : EPP
  • Size : 345 x 230 x 196(mm)
  • Capacity : 15L
  • Weight : 700g
  • Purpose : Multipurpose box for warming or cooling