G-Fan Heater

Product Description

G-Fan Heater (Gresh Fan Heater) is a solution to prevent cold weather damage to refrigerated products in a vehicle. It is an economical device operated only by a car battery without any extra fuel bills.

Product Information

  • Size : 370 x 220 x 116(mm)
  • Weight : 1.9kg / 2.0kg / 2.1kg
  • Power : DC 12V/500W, 24V/700W, 48V/900

Product Specification

  • Maintain room temperature of fresh products in winter
  • Preventing cold hazards of fresh products (leaf vegetables and dairy products) in winter
  • Using car batteries only results in no extra fuel consumption while driving
  • One-touch operation is possible with the controller and monitor installed in the driver's seat.
  • No additional maintenance costs due to the use of the vehicle battery
  • Preventing discharge from low voltage protection circuit
  • Prevent overheating by applying the provincial current protection function
  • Easy to remove and attach A/S within 60 minutes of installation time
  • 30 to 60 minutes of heating even when the vehicle is switched off
  • Maintain temperature of fresh products in Winter: preventing bio-medical products from cold hazards
  • No fuel costs: Use car batteries only, so they operate at no extra fuel cost while driving
  • Easy operation: One-touch temperature control can be operated in the driver seat.

Test Standard

  • Testing inner size : 2790 X 1580 X 1440
  • air temperature : -18 ~ -17℃ Maintain
  • Testing Temperature: -15°C ~ +20°C heating

Real test reference (S company)

Real test reference (P company)