Potential solution: Tyvek® Air Cargo Cover

Ty-Veck is being used for wafer separated paper, COF(Chip On Film) separated paper, and desiccant packaging for its excellent material and distinction.
23 Tyvek® unique pore structure reflects > 90% of solar spectrum
Avoids greenhouse effect
of transparent film

What is Ty-Veck?

1. 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) non-woven fabric
2. Low particle occurrence due to continuous long fabric
3. The air and gas can penetrate but it is water-proof (prevent water and moisture)
4. The special feature of its structure is low coefficient of friction; hence it is used for many applications that require surfaces to be prevented from scratch.
Micro long-fabric structure
Low friction coefficient, strength, and low particle is generated due to fabrics being connected.
Multiple layer structure SEM
Obtained permeability and waterproof features from bonding each layer with only heat and pressure; no adhesives were used.


1. Semicon wafer separated paper
2. Low coefficient of friction and particle occurence
- Major manufacturers are currently using it
1. COF(Chip On Film) separated paper
2. Low coefficient of friction and particle occurence
3. Ty-Veck started to being used for separated paper because clean paper or PET film create high particle occurrence and wrinkles.
4. Majority of COF manufacturers are currently using

Typical application for hard structure

Color prints
Vehicle interior material

Typical application for soft structure

Protection gears